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Frequently asked questions

When purchasing a valuable asset many questions spring to mind. We have provided answers here to some of the more common questions to keep you moving. Click to reveal Answers

About TechSpan
TechSpan is a family partnership wholly owned by two brothers and their families. From our first building some 20 years ago we have been developing an ever-strengthening reputation for quality pre-engineered building solutions. Management is supported by a skilled and motivated team. Each member of the team is selected because of their personal commitment to excellence, and provided with constant training to further them in their chosen career.
TechSpan is based in Armidale NSW. We have the advantage of being centrally located between Sydney and Brisbane allowing us to competitively source our materials from two national centers. This location is conveniently placed to service both Northern NSW and Southern and Central QLD. Locations beyond this are still easily reached with our network of freight contacts.
Yes, we offer a 25 year warranty on our structures Click here for more details
Structural steel is an intrinsically superior method of constructing large shed frames. It provides a stronger and more rigid structure that is able to span further. C – Purlins were designed for fixing roof cladding to trusses and we believe that is where they belong. Many carport and garage manufacturers stretch their use to complete large span rafter members. At TechSpan we don’t feel safe offering these designs to you for larger buildings because we stand by our designs forever.
To give you assurance and peace of mind about the strength and security of your investment we have all of our designs certified by a fully Independent nationally Registered Structural Engineer.
Rural buildings less than 200m2 do not normally require council approval. For larger buildings, we provide you with a complete set of engineering drawings ready for submission to council. This simplifies the process of preparing the application. During the approval process we are there to answer any technical questions that may arise. Please contact your local council for specific advice.
Zincallume Steel is a Steel strip base with a coating of 45% Zinc and 55% Aluminum. This coating makes the steel more resistant to corrosion. Colourbond is pre-painted steel coil available in a range of colours. It consists of a metallic coated steel base with a 3 coat paint finish applied to the outer face and a 2 coat finish to the inner face. Colourbond steel can be roll formed, pressed or bent without any deterioration to the finish.
We use tensioned steel cables as bracing in our buildings as they provide strong lightweight adjustable means to stiffen the building.
All of our buildings are fastened with footings 4x robust galvanized threaded rods per column. These are cast to the footings when the concrete is poured. Contrary to lighter purlin sheds, these are embedded up to a meter into the footing offering unparalleled hold-down and uplift restraint.
Our standard designs can span anywhere from 9m to 60m clear span. The length is virtually unrestricted. We do however have standard spans and bay spacings which can save you money.
Shed Safe accreditation was set up in an effort to curb the ever increasing group of purlin shed builders constructing non-compliant structures. TechSpan Building Systems use UB columns and welded web truss construction. This method of construction is fundamentally safer and stronger, and does not require Shed generic online Safe accreditation to prove its integrity.
Foil backed blanket is a superior insulation product. Thermoseal reflective foil roof sarking is a non-permeable, vapour barrier product designed to reduce the transmission of moisture into the building and contribute a reflective air gap R-Value to the roof system when positioned adjacent to an inward or outward facing air cavity. Installing Anticon (foil backed blanket) under your metal roof also helps reduce unwanted noise from heavy rain and other sources by up to 13dB. The glasswool blanket is manufactured by spinning molten glass, containing up to 60% recycled content, into fine wool like fibres. These are bonded together using a thermosetting resin. The foil backing facing extends 150mm beyond one longitudinal edge of the blanket to provide an overlap when installed. The product can be identified by its golden appearance and foil facing. Features and Benefits
  • Keeps buildings cooler in summer, prevents heat loss in winter
  • Reduces rain noise
  • Provides effective condensation control
  • Reduces overall building energy usage
  • Can be stored externally due to water resistant packaging
  • Available in a range of thicknesses to meet the BCA Energy Efficiency Provision
  • Non combustible
  • Made from biosoluble formulation
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Environmentally sound – made from up to 65% recycled content
The steel may be measured as BMT (Base Metal Thickness), which is entirely structural material. Some suppliers give measurements as TCT (Total Coated Thickness), which includes coatings, about 0.05mm of extra thickness. This means that a BMT of 0.42 and a TCT of 0.47 are describing the same thickness of base steel. Make sure you know the difference as different suppliers describe materials using different terms.
Our shed kit includes all the materials you require to build your shed. From the Cast in hold down bolts in the footings to the rivets in the ridge cap, it is all included. A comprehensive list of provisions is itemised on your quotations document.
We require a deposit to be paid on acceptance of quotation and with a further payment on dispatch of your building from our factory. Payment for installation (if required) is paid to the installers on completion.
Our standard lead time is approximately 6 weeks, from final approval. However, please feel free to talk to us if you have special requirements.
Site delivery is included, as standard, in our quotations. However, if you would like to make your own arrangements you are more than welcome.
Installation of a large structural steel shed is not for the faint hearted (or the inexperienced). However, if you feel that you have what it takes, we do provide you with clear assembly drawings and are happy to talk you through the tricks of the trade.
Yes. We have teams of accredited installers who are experienced in getting the job done safely and on time. All our install teams have passed a rigid prequalification assessment to ensure the job result is to your complete satisfaction.
Our comprehensive erection package includes the following:
  • Mark out concrete footings
  • Labor to locate and pour Hold down Bolts.
  • Erection of the steel structure
  • Crane and Access equipment
  • Installation of cladding, gutters and downpipes to ground level
  • Fit and test external doors
No, we would not normally get involved with the concrete slab. We have found that it is more cost effective for you to have this done by a local concreting contractor.
Our Installers say that TechSpan buildings are the safest sheds they’ve ever built. The unique swing down column design enables the entire roof structure to be assembled at ground level and lifted on completion. This virtually eliminates risk of working at heights and the cost of expensive access equipment.

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