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Friend need a shed?

Step 1: Love Techspan Sheds
Step 2: Refer a friend that needs a shed
Step 3: Earn $300 in cash!

Refer a friend and earn $300

Friend need a Shed?

Help them out and earn!


Step 1: Love Techspan Sheds
If a friend of yours needs a shed and we have impressed you, please tell them about us so that we can help!

Step 2: Refer a Friend
To tell them about us submit a “Referral Ticket” above with you and your friends details. This will email your friend telling them about us, and email us linking your names. That way we can track your referral.

Step 3: Earn $300 Cash!
Once your friend has come to us for advice, received a Quotation, and placed an Order, we will SEND YOU $300 CASH! Because your referral is very much appreciated!